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Written by passionate students

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Jean-Charles Drubay - French

I have been learning Vietnamese for almost 3 years with Thao, teacher of Vietnamese Language Garden School. I am expecting a flexible and interesting topic of discussion at every lesson and Thao is making it happen.

I must admit that I don't improve fast (because me not making enough efforts out of the lesson), but I do. Most important is that I feel happy to keep practicing my Vietnamese

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Nils Eberhardt - German

I was learning Vietnamese for about three weeks at this school. The teacher is very nice and always helpful in every way. I am slow learner so Vietnamese is very hard for me. My teacher just adjusted the teaching to a slower speed, so I can learn in the best way that is possible for me. Even though I only learned for about three weeks, I am able to speak and understand the basic conversations.

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Jan Zarsky - Czech Republic

It was a whole new experience learning Vietnamese at Vietnamese Language Garden. School's environment is very unique and relaxing. People here are helpful and will always go an extra mile to help you learn better.

Vietnamese is not a simple language to learn. My personal goal was to learn how to pronounce plus some basic grammar, this way I can continue with self-studying after my return to the USA.

This was achieved! 100 %! Thank you Vietnamese Language Garden.

Raymond Toh - Singaporean

WHi Ms. Thao & Staffs of Vietnamese Language Garden. I'm very pleased to learn " Tiếng Việt" with Ms. Ngân and Ms. Vân during my 5- days course here. The teachers here are great and patient. I look forward to coming again to improve my " Tiếng Việt". I would like to introduce my friends to learn " Tiếng Việt" at Vietnamese Language Garden when I return to my country.    

Thank you very much for making my stay here so fruitful and relaxing.


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Loni Lebanoff - American

Thank you, everyone, at Vietnamese Language Garden ( especially Chị Thảo & Anh Long)!. I've had a wonderful experience learning Vietnamese here and have appreciated all the patience and flexibility of the team. Because of how nice, affordable, and efficient the classes are, I gladly recommend this school to anyone. It is Refreshing to have met such honest and genuine people in a possibly stressful situation.

Quan trọng nhất, em học Tiếng Việt giỏi lắm ở đây. Em học chỉ 1 tháng mà em nói chuyện được với người Việt ( ngay cả với người Huế).

I've gotten many compliments on my Vietnamese from the local Vietnamese people and i would like to attribute my success to this school. Once again, thanks for everything!

Julie Tao - English

Chào Thảo, Vân and An. Cám ơn, chị rất thích học Tiếng Việt. Vân là 1 người thông minh và vui.Learning Vietnamese has been so fun here. Ms. Van is a brilliant, fun and very informative teacher. She has helped me so much - speaking to people in shops, restaurants, and hotels is now much easier. If only I could bring Ms. Van in my backpack to take to Ha Noi..Thao was very helpful, friendly and efficient in arranging my lessons. She also helped to photocopy our Vietnamese driving license and gave us free peach tea to take home!

Lastly An, another teacher was so lovely to meet, taking me out to restaurants, shopping and sightseeing around HCMC on her motorbike! Everyone at Vietnamese Language Garden has been so lovely and fun!.

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Pinyo Sangkheaw- Thai

My sincere thanks to the management of Vietnamese Language Garden School as well as teachers for their warm welcome and wonderful classroom atmosphere during my learning here. The lessons give me another big step further in improving my Vietnamese language in the future.

Thanks to all of you again and wish you all happy and be successful in your life, your career

 Philip Dowler - Australian

I so enjoyed my time at Vietnamese Language Garden. The relaxed and unrushed  atmosphere assisted in my language learning.I arrive on my first day with little to no understanding of Vietnamese. After the careful guidance of em Long, my confidence and proficiency improved. I felt supported at all times, during the breaks Ms. Thao ensured the course was meeting my expectations and gave me some study tips and assistance. She has created a unique learning environment.

The one-one learning experience is far superior to try and learn a language than a large group. Thanks for everything.

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Brenton Earl-Australian

Dear all staff of the Vietnamese Language Garden.

I enjoyed my 6 hours a day for the 4 weeks. I spent here despite being very tired by the end of the week. All of the staff have been wonderful and fun to be around and have made me feel really comfortable.

I would recommend this intensive style of study to anyone who has the time and you will be amazed at how quickly you pick it up. I am even teaching my Australian born Vietnamese wife new words, sentences and structures.

I will miss you all and hope to be back in the future.