Where Language Flourishes

The Vietnamese Language Garden is Ho Chi Minh City's top language school specializing in
private, one-on-one Vietnamese classes with over 17 years of teaching experience.

Learning Vietnamese is an enjoyable experience with our dedicated, friendly and patient teacher's.

The advantage to embarking on your language journey with us, includes:

One-on-One Lessons

One-on-one lessons for all students in-place of group classes,
provides the optimum dynamic for learning.

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17 Years of teaching experience

17 Years of experience teaching Vietnamese to the vibrant expat community, B2C,
B2B and Vietnamese for travelers worldwide.

Convenient Locations

We provide options for studying at our centrally located campus
or the convenience of in-office and in-home lessons

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Flexible Times

Each student is offered to design their own schedule, providing maximum flexibility

A comfortable atmosphere to promote learning

Our main campus offers a quiet, comfortable and relaxed setting,
including balcony settings and a garden-top in which to learn.

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A Range of Programs

From intensive full-time courses to casual hours and virtual lessons, whatever your requirement for learning, our program offerings will have you covered.

Cultural Immersion Activities

Cultural immersion activities in and out of class time with your teacher offers a fantastic chance for students to practice their Vietnamese while learning about local culture

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Homestay Options

Our homestay service is available for students who wish to be immersed in the Vietnamese culture, and experience the local lifestyle.

B2B Tailored Packages

For corporate clients, including; NGO's, consular offices, and tourism, travel and relocation providers; We offer specialized courses on corporate, economic, and political vernaculars, with the convenience of unified billing options.

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Custom tailored curriculum

As each students learning requirements and goals are unique, we provide custom tailored courses for each student.