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Structured Class Packages


Classes provided at a spacious, centrally located campus  


Option for on-site lessons  (Home or Office)


On-line lessons available anywhere in the world

Cultural Immersion 

Take a cultural immersion lesson, to learn about Vietnamese culture (off-site)

One-on-one classes

All classes are  private one-on-one classes

Flexible Hours 

The flexibility of schedules provides the most options for business people

Cancellation Options

Class cancellation permitted up-to  24 hours prior to lessons


20 Hour Package

VND  6,600,000

at 330,000 per hour
  • Complete this package within:
    1 week to gain 
    4 hours  free
    2 weeks to gain
     2 hours  free
    4 weeks to gain
     1 hour  free
  • 1 Month Validity


40 Hour Package

VND  12,000,000

at 300,000 per hour
  • Complete this package within:
    2 weeks to gain  8 hours  free
    4 weeks to gain 
    4 hours  free
    8 weeks to gain 
    2 hours  free
  • 3 Months Validity 


80 Hour Package

VND 21,600,000

at 270,000 per hour
  • Complete this package within:
    4 weeks to gain  16 hours  free
    8 weeks to gain 
    8 hours  free
    16 weeks to gain 
    4 hours  free
  • 6 Months Validity 


160 Hour Package

VND  40,000,000

at 250,000 per hour
  • Complete this package within: 
    8 weeks to gain 
    32 hours  free
    16 weeks to gain 
    16 hours  free
    32 weeks to gain 
    8 hours  free
  • 12 Months Validity 

Gain free lessons based on our rewards program 

Study 1 hour 5 days a week on the Blossom package and receive 4 free lessons

Ad-Hoc Lessons

Casual Learner

VND  350,000

per hour
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • 350,000 per hour
  • Class cancellation up to 24 hours prior to the lesson
  • Lesson booking required 24 hours in advance

Terms and Conditions

Transfer Policy (Flexible Hours):

In the event that a student can no longer complete their studies, they may opt to transfer their remaining credits to another person. The following limitations apply for the transfer of the package:
 - This policy is only available for "Flexible Hours" packages.
 - The student will be responsible to find the appropriate person to transfer lessons too.
 - The school must be informed via the registered email of the student with the transferee in CC.
  - The validity period of the remaining credits cannot be extended.
 - A transfer invalidates the option for cancellation.

Cancellation Policy (Applied for Flourish Package only)
 In the event that a student can no longer complete their studies and cannot find a suitable candidate to transfer their credits to, they may opt to cancel their remaining credits. The cancellation will be subject to the following penalties and terms:
 - All hours studied will be calculated at the full rate (not discounted). This is currently the Ad-Hoc rate.
 - Remaining credits to be refunded will be subject to the following charges:
 - With 9 months validity or more, remaining credits will be subject to a 30% penalty.
 With 6 - 9 months validity, remaining credits will be subject to a 50% penalty.
 With 3 - 6 months validity, remain ing credits will remaining credits.

 There is a nonrefundable fee for packages: Sprout, Grow and Blossom.

Off-site Additional Charges

Any activities requiring personal transport of teachers, including immersive and off-site lessons are subject to the following travel charges per hour: 

- 15,000 VND for District 1, 2, 3 and Binh Thanh.
- 25,000 VND for
District 4, 5, 7, 10 and Phu Nhuan.

- 35,000 VND for District 6, 11, Nha Be and Tan Binh.  
- 50,000 VND for District 8, 9, 12, Binh Tan,  Go Vap and Tan Phu.

Payment Processing Fees
International PayPal transactions are subject to a 5.5% fee.

Business Structured Lessons
For students at an advanced level and above whom seek business structured Vietnamese, a surcharge of 20% will be applied. Please, contactus@vietnameselanguagegarden.vn for further info.

Specialized Structured Lessons
We can provide specialized structured Vietnamese for specific industries. Please, contactus@vietnameselanguagegarden.vn for further info.

Teaching Programs Explained

One-on-one instruction: 
Our teaching program focuses on one-on-one instruction with a native speaker trained in teaching Vietnamese. Group classes, even if they're lead by the best instructor simply don't compare with the focus and personalized attention that a competent one-on-one instructor can offer.

Teaching methodology:
We emphasize learning to speak foremost, learning to communicate verbally, learning correct pronunciation. While you will certainly learn to read and write, the verbal aspects of Vietnamese are typically most challenging, and also the part that pays the largest dividends for learning.

Vietnamese Language Garden's teaching style is adapted from successful South American Spanish language schools where one-on-one teaching with well trained, local, native speakers is a proven, effective, and efficient style of language school. We strive to bring this excellent style of teaching to Asia where it isn't yet common.

A focus on the student, on You: 
As a private lesson, we quiz you to learn your strengths and listen to your needs. Each lesson is naturally tailored to your skill set, needs, and goals. Allow us to lead you through the process of learning Vietnamese or customize your learning experience yourself.

We typically rotate instructors on a weekly-to-monthly basis as you learn, in order to keep your lessons engaging and challenging.

Introductory Classes / Essentials course for Travelers:
For those who are not staying on a permanent basis, we offer a very tailored program to help you quickly gain confidence navigating Vietnam on your own. You will learn the fundamentals for directions (guide a taxi to your destination), shopping (cost, numbers, bargaining), eating (ordering, social norms), etc. In these courses, we focus less on language-perfection and more on immediately useful skills typically needed by travelers who only have one or a few weeks to learn. We also spend some focus on cultural topics of interest and value to most travelers.

If you are traveling in Vietnam for more than 1 week. Here is the best course that we offer you. The 5 to 20 hours teaching program will not only teach Vietnamese but also introduce to you Vietnamese Culture, tips to travel in Vietnam, etc.

Weekly Classes (daily Learner, Avid Learner, Outstanding Achiever, Scholar, Intense, and Resident):  
Our weekly classes are the best way to become proficient with the language quickly. Daily exposure and practice are key. For those wanting to get up to speed quickly, we encourage you to consider a morning or afternoon study routine of 4 hours per day.
Weekly classes go from Monday to Friday at the same time each day at school. They include time for breaks during the study. 

Flexible Time and Location Study:
We realize that schedules are challenging, especially for working professionals. Our flexible time and location study offers what you need. Come to the school and study here or we'll come to your office or home. You choose the time and days that you study.

Virtual Lessons: 
For those wanting to continue, or begin, their learning abroad we offer virtual lessons taught by Skype or Yahoo. Please refer to our flexible time and location offerings for online lessons. 

Private Lessons vs. Group Classes:
We We strongly emphasize one-on-one instruction, it's simply the best way to learn, and it's how our instructors are trained to teach. At times students ask about group classes, we allow for a maximum of two individuals to one instructor, in such cases we charge the couple 1.5 times below the rate of the normal single-student price.

Home-stay Program & Offsite Trips: 
For students who are interested in home-stay in HCMC and off-site trips, please contact us for more details at contactus@vietnameselanguagegarden.vn. Students can have a homestay, we add a flat 25% to the price for any service we provide (including airport transfer, visas, etc.,)

Intensive Vietnamese Training Package: 
Vietnamese Language Garden offers an Intensive Vietnamese Training Package for students from companies, NGOs, International Government officers which is designed base on your requirement. Please contact us for more details about this program at Ms. Thao Nguyen. thao.nguyen@vietnameselanguagegarden.vn